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Peter J. McBreen & Associates, Inc.  is an independent adjusting company with offices throughout the United States.  Our offices are staffed with full-time employees, many of whom have a law degree and/or other professional   accreditation.  We provide claims handling and loss management services for domestic and foreign insurers,  self-insured corporations and governmental entities.  We provide a full line of loss management services from limited assignments to third party administration including litigation management, account management and loss fund collection and reporting.  We also conduct safety surveys and make  safety recommendations.  We provide our services for general liability, aviation, products, personal injury, automobile liability, cargo, construction wrap up,medical malpractice, premises, and special programs. 

Upon notification of an assignment we conduct a thorough investigation including: on site investigation, interview concerned parties, obtain statements, research rules regulations and contracts, assess liability and review damages.  If  liability is established and damages are verified, we work to achieve a fair and equitable settlement.   In claims of questionable liability we take a practical approach by exploring the possibility of achieving economical compromises.  In claims of no liability we issue firm denials or tender to the appropriate party.  In all claim matters we attempt to maximize potential subrogation recoveries.   We also have an affiliated law firm which provides legal expertise and up-to-the-minute  insight on legal issues that effect claim handling.   

Peter J. McBreen & Associates, Inc. has the experienced claim staff, strategic locations, state of the art technology and loss management expertise that is necessary to provide professional claims handling in today's competitive environment.

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