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Peter J. McBreen & Associates , Inc. has designed an interactive on-line claim information system that provides the most up-to-date claim information, documents, photographs, loss runs, and policy information available for risk managers, brokers and underwriters.  The system is designed around screens with editable fields that allow the user to review information or interact with other parties who have access to the system with the click of a mouse. The system is maintained at our web site and utilizes encryption technology for security.  The system has the following features:

  1. claim screen
  2. documents
  3. notes
  4. checkbook
  5. loss runs.

1.  Claim Screen

The claim screen provides claim information such as claimant name, date of loss, deductible , accident location and a table of the amounts paid.  It also has a link to a table which itemizes whether payments were for loss, attorney, adjusting, and whether it was paid by the insured or the underwriter.  

2. Documents

The claim screen has a link to documents stored for each file. Documents such as accident reports, statements, investigative reports, photographs, releases and video can be viewed instantly on-line.

3. Notes

The claim screen also provides access to the notes field for a file.  As its name implies, the notes field contains the most recent updates on a given claim.  The note field allows the insured, broker, adjuster or attorney with proper access, to enter information, questions or comments on an individual file.

4. Checkbook

The claim screen has a link to the check book for an individual file which allows the user to document each payment.

5. Loss Runs

The system can build customized loss runs on-line containing the most current information.  The loss runs separate the payments by loss, attorney, adjuster, and indicate whether it was paid by the underwriter or insured.

The Peter J. McBreen and Associates, Inc. on-line interactive claim information system provides information in the most comprehensive and user friendly manner available today.   The system provides  the necessary information for risk managers, brokers and underwriters to be proactive in claims management.

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